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All Sports Analytics

Providing analytics for all collegiate and professional sports. Our team of Data Scientists and Engineers create powerful Machine Learning & AI models to provide data analysis and visualization about athletes and their performance metrics

Event Data Coverage

Gain access to our exclusive WSO Showcases through your personalized dashboard. Save time and money by watching live or replay the event and discover which athletes performed the best. 

Global Coverage

Discovering athletes from all countries and having access to the athletes through a CRM interface. International Data creates opportunities for American Institutions and Professional teams to explore new markets of recruiting. 

Athletic Department Packages

Help streamline the recruiting process for your entire athletic department. Purchase our Plus and University packages that provide 10 or more sports. Gain access to emerging sports. Professional teams can purchase a package for the entire scouting and coaching departments.

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Data is our 

Creating powerful ML and AI models to showcase athletes in all sports. Helping recruiters, scouts, coaches, colleges, teams, and agents have more data-driven insights to best deliver key information, statistics, and data about individual athletes