What Makes You Go

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Sport is a huge part of everyday life. Whether we use it for fitness purposes or competition there are so many benefits sports provide us. As athletes, each of you has made it worth your while to go out of your way and commit to something. Being an athlete requires lots of time management, focus, goal planning, training, and many more aspects I could go on about. Sometimes we do what we do for the right reason. Though sometimes we do what we do because our vision is not in alignment with what you are producing internally on a daily basis.

Why do you play your sport? What goals have you made for yourself short-term, quarterly, or long-term? How committed are you to your team? Are you doing what you need to do in order to have ultimate success on and off the field?

Those are but a few important questions you should ask yourselves to see if you are in alignment. Here in Europe, the mentality I understand everyone has jobs and other focuses in life. So do athletes in America and everywhere else. We all have obligations that we must fulfill to have a life and make your mark in this world. Why do we refrain from putting everything out on the table for ourselves, our team, and our sport? Is it because of fear? It could be or could be a false mentality that is passed on from person to person because the true passion and purpose are falsely perceived.

What is it that makes you GO? Athletes, coaches, and organizational members spend a lot of time on their sport. Yes, it could also be said that all those people spend a whole lot of time doing nothing. But what truly drives you to get up and go do what you need to do every day for your sport? Countries like Germany & Austria to name a few take it very seriously when it comes to competition. Not only must they work or go to school but playing a sport to these athletes from these locations is a high priority. That is how it should be when you join a club and pay a membership not only do your teammates expect to have your best but so does the board and the fans who are paying to come to see you play. I believe if every athlete at the international level carried themselves this way the perception would be much different.

Yes, it is a lot of work manging schedules to be able to get everything done but if you manage your schedules the right way there would also be time for the free time within all that you do. A big factor that many athletes here deal with is truly knowing how to structure plans to provide a good work-life balance. If those are in alignment being able to get up daily would not be so stressful. We all have to provide our contribution in some way. If you have not figured out what the contribution or service is then I would advise you to take a step back and figure it out.

When you get in alignment competition with yourself everything just flows and falls into place. You will be able to dominate your workouts and competition. So I ask again, what makes you GO? Each and every one of us has special abilities and a gift that can evolve if you give it time to grow. The sports community counts on you to adapt and evolve. The WSO community counts on you to be your very best. Your teammates count on you to show up and do your job. The coach requires that you come to practice having everything reviewed. Your job expects you to show up on time and be productive every day. Your professor requires you to study and show up to class being fully engaged.

We have many areas to focus on in our busy schedules and it takes time plotting things out aggressively so that you are able to attack and have success in each situation perceived. So as you discover what makes you GO be sure to not hold back your feelings and let it all out. By doing so you are being open-minded to growth. Those that do not are perceived as the closed-minded individuals who are okay with the status quo. If you want to be great at your sports start doing the things right that you have complete control over. Then you will be able to launch yourselves into many opportunities in sport and in life.

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