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Athlete Spotlight #2 Mika Stieger

WSO Athlete Spotlight

Willis Sports Organization builds pathways for athletes by highlighting them in our unique Athlete Spotlight series. This gives each athlete the opportunity to share their story, build a brand, and gain exposure to be able to connect with coaches. Here at WSO, we believe in building pathways and creating opportunities by reinventing the athletes recruiting process through a powerful match-making platform that combines data, training, and events.

Our audience includes + 8,000 coaches, over 100,000 athletes, and a plethora of teams from college, semi-pro, high school, and professional levels.

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The second athlete we would like to introduce is Mika Stieger. Mika is from Switzerland and was introduced to American Football thanks to his father putting NFL games on Television. Since then Mika took an interest in the sport and wanted to get involved. Mika started his career with the Bern Grizzlies U16 program where I had the pleasure of seeing him as a rookie during my time as the Head Coach in Bern.

With an ice hockey background, it made it easier to transition into the physical demands that American Football has. At such a young age, Mika has taken on the ability to lead and outwork everyone for the team to succeed. He has that youth wisdom and understands that education is #1 and sports may not last forever. It is important for athletes to understand that Mika surely possesses the traits that any coach would like to have in their locker room.

Mika has just finished his last season with the Bern Grizzlies U19 program and is now ready to take on any challenge, whether here in Switzerland or in the USA. With excellent guidance from his former Head Coach John Jordan now of the Thun Tigers, Mika has the discipline and is primed for elite competition.


What is your favorite food?

MS: Pizza

What is your favorite music?

MS: rap, hip hop, and r&b

Why is it essential for you to go play in the USA?

MS: I want to take my game to the next level because I am in love with Football. I know that I am good enough to prove myself and I am eager to learn and develop.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

MS: In a professional Football league.

What goals do you have for the upcoming offseason?

MS: This offseason I want to get my offers in order and make my mind up. In the season I want to further develop as a player, teammate, and leader.

What do you like most about American Football and what has the game taught you?

MS: I think Football is like life. You face adversity in both and you are pushed down in life and in the game. But it's not about the moments you get put on the floor, it's about how you get up every single time. And I think that Football then teaches you how to face adversity in real life.


What has been your most memorable moment?


Switzerland now has Professional American Football


Why American Football is priority #1


Why go play sports in the USA?


Weekly Routine


U19 Season in Review


Message to Recruiters

Full Interview Here




Athlete Spotlight Series

Thank our special guest Mika Stieger for sharing and taking the time to do an interview. This series was created to provide more exposure for international athletes who all dream of playing professional sports someday. Even though the journey is different many international athletes have this dream of playing in the USA.

International athletes have a special drive when it comes to playing sports abroad or sports that many in their countries are not accustomed to. We hope that more people will be able to see these blogs so they can support these athletes and help them fulfill their dreams.

We hope you enjoyed this interview and we here at WSO look forward to sharing more insights about athletes & coaches throughout 2023. If you would like to get involved or nominate an athlete please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you!!!

Be sure to follow along for more athlete stories and recruiting news.


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