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Discover our All-In-One solution that allows athletes from all sports to be presented to coaches, colleges, and teams around the world. 

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WSO Recruiting Analytics

WSO has created a complete game-changer for athletic departments. For many years the international recruiting landscape has been uncertain and now our All-In-One intelligent platform will help athletic departments access pivotal information to make the recruitment process faster, easier, and fun.

Built on Machine Learning and AI models the recruiting dashboards deliver key information for coaches, recruiters, scouts, and agents. As former athletes and coaches from many sport backgrounds, along with expert Data Analysts and Data Scientists we are well equipped and eager to fulfill the needs of our clients. Understanding each sport is different we constantly communicate with coaches to understand what new trends or old ones is important for them to work at a quick pace while saving money in the process.

As our platform is available for all college levels we understand that not all budgets are the same. We offer special discount packages based on each level of college. Our staff is not here to tell coaches whom to recruit. We simply have added many features to showcase athletes using modern analytics. Each dashboard is user-friendly and easy to understand enabling coaches to create the layout and notifications based on their interests.

Our team will continue to develop tools and share information to allow each coach and athletic department to have data-driven insights about athletes and their performance metrics.

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