Our Solution

Many coaches are burdened with time-consuming manual recruiting tasks that take away focus from value-added activities.

Our solution helps your entire staff and athletic department streamline the recruiting process by integrating essential recruiting tools and analytics.

Quickly discover athletes across the globe from the high school, college, semi-pro, and professional levels.

Willis Sports Organization is here to create winning opportunities for you!!! Discover more today!!!


Feedback from NCAA and NAIA coaches


Not only have you found a way to keep us connected to athletes but you allow Head Coaches to view all discussions between staff and recruits.


The transition is smooth and we do not have to make unnecessary clicks to get information.


We are able to search athletes using your database, track the recruiting process of each athlete, create evaluations and share with other staff members. Very beneficial for our staff. 


Player Profiles

Each athlete has their own specific profile that showcases analytics to help coaches make data-driven decisions. Discover similar players and make comparisons using our comparison tool feature. 

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