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About Us

“Creating Winning Opportunities”

Willis Sports Organization is an All-In-One intelligent sports organization and recruitment platform that helps streamline the recruiting process for athletes, coaches, and teams through a powerful digital platform that combines data, training, and events.


WSO platform primarily uses a combination of data, analytics, and AI techniques to help recruiters identify their potential candidates faster and more accurately. Additionally, this platform helps in optimizing the candidate hiring process by calculating and tracking key recruiting performance indicators, such as player skillsets, player strength, and historical performances

As a sports organization and recruitment platform, we help reduce the error margin in the recruiting process and improve the overall signing rate by providing recommendations to coaches based on statistical data, skills, and academic scores. 

Athletes can create profiles which then enter into our database and get displayed to coaches from colleges, semi-pro, and professional teams. Complete integration of tools and features to streamline the recruiting process and help make the recruiting process easier, fun, and affordable. 

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Our Story

The company began in 2019 as a sole proprietorship and later was established as an LLC in early 2021 in Bern, Switzerland. As most companies come up with creative names, Darius kept the name Willis Sports Organization to honor his brother who past away during his time in high school. WSO for short helps create opportunities for all. The idea of WSO comes from the passion of Darius' vision to establish a powerful organization that could create opportunities for all across the globe using the power of sports & recruiting analytics at the core. 

Here at Willis Sports Organization the concept is about TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) and each member showcases this through the core values of Excellence, Integrity, Teamwork, Commitment, and Innovation. WSO aims to create life-changing experiences by providing access to a new level of insight to unlock the true potential of athletes and teams. We are different because we truly care about our customers. WSO assists you throughout the duration so you feel connected and have the support needed throughout the recruitment process. 

Our team is committed to creating winning opportunities for each athlete, coach, and team through our intelligent digital platform. 

Who We Serve



all sports. all age groups


Baseball Coach




Football Team Coach




The Founder

Darius Willis is from Indianapolis, Indiana, and is the youngest of four siblings. Darius has always had a passion for sports which led to him being a multi-sport athlete through high school participating in wrestling, baseball, basketball, track & field, and American football. 

With a passion for sports and business Darius went on to attend Indiana University where he was a scholar athlete and graduated with a bachelor's in Public & Private Affairs from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. 

Darius brings many years of expertise from the USA & International sports landscape of not only playing but coaching and serving in high roles across the sports industry. Today you can find Darius developing relationships and mentoring young athletes to help provide opportunities in the USA or abroad. 

Darius Willis

Darius Willis

Founder & CEO

Our Partners

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