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Our Mission

To create the ultimate All-In-One intelligent platform that exposes international athletes to coaches, colleges, and teams through Data & Recruiting Analytics, Athletic Training & Career Development, and Event Organization.

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Our Story

In the early stages, Willis Sports was focused with a high concentration on Athletic Training & Career Development and Event services. Athletes across Switzerland and surrounding European countries were able to receive unique training and compete at events. While providing such services for the athletes we were able to gather a lot of input from athletes and coaches about the current structure of international sports and the difficulties that each country faces due to the lack of resources and revenue.

Willis Sports took those inputs and established a strategic plan that could help not only those in Switzerland but globally. By this time the model to include the pillar of Data & Recruiting Analytics was key for how the company could grow and establish an identity as a leading platform for international sports recruiting. As the first and only service of its kind in Switzerland combining these components made us different than any current platform trying to provide services for those in the international sports ecosystem.

Understanding that the world of sports and recruiting continues to evolve we needed to create a platform that was unique. This would allow Willis Sports to fulfill endless opportunities for athletes, coaches, and teams around the world by creating a powerful solution that integrated the recruiting process through a streamlined flow of information. 

 To establish such a powerful platform there needed to be the right leaders involved. The core you see today were the key decision-makers.

In early 2021 the company became established as an official LLC which is located in Bern, Switzerland. The platform combines the pillars of Data, Training, and Events to help build pathways for those involved in the international sports ecosystem. As the first platform and only in Switzerland  Willis Sports is excited to be able to help many around the world with the solutions available for each role in sports. Many athletes have been able to continue their dream of playing sports because of the dedication of its Founders and passionate team.

We’re a group of passionate leaders joined together to impact the world of sports through our innovative ideas and philosophies. As former players and coaches we have a true passion for sports and education and aim to make a positive impact. 

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Experienced Leadership