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Our Story

Willis Sports Organization is a registered  LLC in Bern, Switzerland. Our company is designed to help streamline the recruiting process using the three pillars of Data, Training, and Events enabling coaches to connect with athletes around the world through an intelligent platform. 

Our proprietary scores and user-friendly interface provide insights about athletes and their performance metrics. Showcasing athletes from all sports using modern analytics to help coaches make data-driven decisions during the player recruitment process.

Building Pathways For You

All Sports. One Family.


We’re a group of passionate leaders joined together to impact the world of sports through our innovative ideas and philosophies. As former players and coaches, we have a true passion for sports and education and aim to make a positive impact. 

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Experienced Leadership

Create life-changing experiences by providing access to a new level of insight to unlock true potential of athletes and teams

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To create an intelligent platform that creates opportunities for athletes, coaches, and teams around the world

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