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An Intelligent Platform that Enables Athletes, Coaches, & Teams To Streamline The Recruiting Process

Creating Winning Opportunities

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Sports Platform

WSO is a unique platform that utilizes Sports Data & Recruiting Analytics, Athletic Training & Career Development, and Event Organization in order to best deliver key information, statistics, and data about individual athletes and their performance metrics. 

Recruiting Analytics

Providing key data analytics that help teams make data-driven decisions

Global Coverage

Covering athletes from all countries

Athletic Training

Elite performance training and skill development for all levels

Event Data Coverage

Watch WSO events live or from inside your Dashboard

Athletic Department Packages

Streamlining the recruiting process for the entire athletic department

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Saving you
Time, Money, & Energy

The WSO team is happy to present athletic departments and sports organizations our All-In-One solution to easily pinpoint talent around the world using the power of data. Offering sport-specific packages that make the recruitment process faster, easier, and cheaper. 


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